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by | Mar 16, 2021 | Divi Tutorials

It’s no secret that popups are incredibly popular on websites today. Popups are an elegant way of showing more content to the user (click triggered popups), or a highly effective way to get the attention and focus of the user to promote an offer or grow an email list.

Popups can sometimes be looked at as ‘spammy’ or a poor user-experience. However, when done properly (and not abused), they are not just effective as providing results but also beneficial to the user as well.



They’re are essentially two types of popups:

  1. Click Triggered Popups: Triggered by the user’s click of a link, image, button, etc to show more content to the user without loading a new page. Whether it’s a contact form popup, a video popup, or a popup with additional information, click triggered popups can be considered a user-experience design tool because they provide the user with more information/content without having to load a new page.
  2. Automatic Popups: Triggered automatically after a timed delay, scroll delay, before the user exits the page, etc. Automatically triggered popups can be abused, but when done sparingly and correctly, they can be very effective at growing an email list or promoting offer WITHOUT annoying the user.


Now that we’ve covered some of the basics on popups, let’s discuss popups for Divi specifically.


Are Popups for Divi Different Than Popups for Non-Divi Websites?

Since Divi is a WordPress theme, any WordPress Popup Plugin should work with the Divi Theme. However, popup plugins that are designed specifically for Divi are beneficial for a couple of reasons:

  1. Divi Specific Popup Plugins are made exclusively and specifically for Divi, which means they are tested with Divi to ensure compatibility. A general WordPress popup plugin should work with Divi, but may not, or functionality may break after an update.
  2. The power of Divi is in the page builder. Divi popup plugins allow you to use Divi’s page builder which opens up a lot of possibilities for both design and content within popups.


The Best Divi Popup Plugin: Divi Overlays

Okay you maybe have guessed that we were going to say that Divi Overlays is the best Divi Popup plugin, considering we’re the creators of the plugin over at Divi Life. However, we’re going to do our best to outline some unbiased reasons below on WHY Divi Overlays is the best Divi Popup plugin.


Divi Overlays is the Original Divi Popup Plugin

We actually pioneered the concept of the page builder powered popup. We started building Divi Overlays back in 2016, and launched early 2017. At the time, popup plugins were extremely limited in design and content possibilities. The popup plugins that existed at the time had some basic templates and limited options on how to customize those templates. You didn’t have full control over the design or the content.

When we launched Divi Overlays, everything changed. For the first time ever, user’s had FULL control over every aspect of the popup. Since the popup is powered by the Divi builder, you’re able to use ALL of Divi’s design tools to craft gorgeous popups. Plus, you can add any content imaginable inside of the popup using Divi’s built in modules or content from shortcodes of other plugins, such as form plugins, shopping carts, etc.



Since then, we’ve had numerous other Divi popup plugins that sprouted up and created copycat versions. Most of these copycats have already faded away. Divi Overlays however is still going strong and better than ever!

Additionally, page builder powered popups are now seen in all the major WordPress page builders. I’m not necessarily saying that they all copied us (however that may be possible, or at least the first one did). However, I am definitely saying that we were the first ever popup solution powered by the page builder. And whether we paved the way for others by educating the market on why this is the best way to build popups, or the others would have existed regardless of us. That will remain a mystery.

Divi Overlays is the Most Popular Popup Plugin for Divi

By being the first popup solution for Divi, we definitely had a market advantage. To this day though, Divi Overlays continues to be the most popular popup plugin for Divi with tens of thousands of active users and close to a hundred thousand active installs.

Additionally, the keyword “Divi Overlays” is the third most searched Divi related term, and it’s searched more than ANY other Divi specific product 🤯


Divi Overlays is the Most Powerful Divi Popup Plugin

When Divi Overlays first launched, it was only for creating click-triggered popups. Pretty quickly after launching though, it was clear that users wanted to create automatically triggered popups using the Divi Builder, so we launched Divi Overlays 2.0 just a few months later. Divi Overlays 2.0 included automatic triggers such as timed delay, scroll delay, and exit-intent, plus a lot more.

Since then, we’ve continued to innovate by adding epic featured to Divi Overlays. The majority of these features are driven by user feedback and feature requests too which is awesome.



Here’s a short timeline of releases:

  • February 17, 2017 – Divi Overlays Launched
  • June 27, 2017Version 2.0 – automatic triggers (& exit-intent!), close button customizer, URL Triggers, & overlay linking/chaining
  • February 14, 2018Version 2.1 – Popup Cookie Feature, Scheduling Feature
  • October 3, 2018Version 2.5 – Recurring Scheduling Feature, Disable Overlays per device
  • October 9, 2019Version 2.7.5 – Load Overlay Content via Ajax Feature
  • November 9, 2020Version 2.9 – New Animations (50+) with animation previewer & speed control, Background Blur, Plugin Sized reduced by 85%
  • Date TBDVersion 3.0 is Coming Soon with INSANE new features!

As noted in the last bullet point above, we are working hard on a BIG release for Divi Overlays 3.0. It will include a completely overhaul of the user-interface and the plugin itself is almost a complete rebuild. Many aspects of Divi Overlays have been rebuilt from the ground up to offer better performance and usability. The best popup plugin for is about to get even better!

Divi Overlays Includes Dozens of Gorgeous Popup Templates

Divi Overlays is of course powered by the Divi Builder in order to easily create gorgeous popups using the builder our customers already know and love. However, sometimes you want a great looking popup with minimal effort. That’s where the incredibly designed popup templates come in. They can be used as-is with minimal changes, or they can be a starting point to then make something more unique. When it comes to design, sometimes it’s much easier to have a jumping off point, opposed to starting with a blank slate.




Divi Overlays includes 19 professionals designed popup layout templates. Plus, our All Access Pass members get access to several dozen more popup templates too.

Divi Overlays is Backed by Extensive Documentation & Top Notch Customer Support

It’s been said that software is only as good as the documentation that comes with it. And Divi Overlays is extensibly documented with over two dozen articles. Many of the docs also have full video tutorials (in 4K), for those that prefer watching to reading.

However, as with all software products, issues do come up. Whether it’s a beginner needing help using the plugin, a conflict with another plugin, or a software bug, our team is always available for help. Divi Life support has a full time dedicated support staff (dedicated means they are 100% focused on support). There’s a saying in the WordPress world: “it doesn’t matter if you sell WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, etc. At the end of the day, we’re all support companies.” And that’s the philosophy we have. Support is a top priority and we’re always looking for ways to improve our support and provide a better customer experience for our users. This has definitely paid off, and so many of our reviews/testimonials always mention our high quality support. Not only do we fix issues when they come up, but our team even logs into customer websites to set things up when needed. And we also fix conflicts with other plugins too. Our goal is for customers to be able to use our products as successfully as possible, and we’ll do whatever we need to do to make that happen.


If you’re interested in Divi Overlays and you’re reading this post, head on over to Divi Life and grab a copy! We think you’re going to love the plugin and love the possibilities that it brings to your Divi web design workflow.

What if you want popups but don’t want to install any new plugins? While Divi Overlays is very well built and easy to use, sometimes you may just not want to add any extra plugins to your site if you only need to add a popup or two. For this you can actually create a popup using the Divi Builder without using any plugins. The solution in the Divi Hacks tutorial actually utilizes Divi’s built-in lightbox functionality so it’s super lightweight. It of course doesn’t have anywhere close to as many features as Divi Overlays, but for simple click-triggered popups using Divi, it’s pretty awesome!

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